We at Ricks Institute do believe that once we are the best school in Liberia, we also have the best sporting teams and department in the country. We are commonly known as the "Dragons" when we are on the sporting pace.Every year at Ricks Institute around march we host our mini olympics where in Eighteen(18) schools were invited to participate in this three(3)days tournament. Schools as well as Students from around the country were glad for this olympics where in many students met new friends and many students had the chance to met their friends, family members as well as love ones.We at Ricks Institute do believe that when a student is playing sports,no matter how well he/she can play, if that person fail a period,he will undergo the same punishment as the other students who failed and the are not playing sports.Our principal always says that"you are not a sport student coming to Ricks, but rather you are a Ricks student playing sports."With this qoutation many students are encourage to do well in their lessons as well as the other attivities that they are participating in.Here at Ricks Institute, we do not believe in any religious stuff. We accept students that are christians as well as muslims.